This website serves as a platform to display the many ways Carlene McNair also known as “Chosen.” brings about the message of hope, truth, faith, and positivity. Carlene is the content creator of this website.
 Carlene McNair is a singer and songwriter. She is the spoken word artist “Chosen.”, an author, blogger, and podcast host. She also has ample experience with group facilitation.
Carlene has a bachelors degree in Psychology. After graduating, she has worked in the human service field, gaining experience working with youth in the Department of Youth Services, working with the substance abuse population, and she served as a diligent worker in psychiatric rehabilitation. She has ample experience facilitating groups focused on creative writing. Carlene is currently working with the mental health population and pursuing her masters degree in Social Work.
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In 2017 Carlene published her first chapbook, “What is Love? Mysterious of the Heart.” Her book can be purchased here.
fb_img_15004732813721.jpgIn this moving collection of poems, Carlene McNair opens up about her struggle to find relationships that satisfied her both emotionally and spiritually. She acknowledges that the search for pure love is not easy, but it can be the most rewarding choice you have ever made.
McNair’s search for pure love offered her wisdom and insight into the true nature of relationships. McNair’s poetry covers the unique challenges some Christian individuals face when trying to find a worthy partner. God is present in every poem and in every moment of McNair’s life. He is there through the heartache and the pain and through the joy and peace. McNair learned through Him how to build a relationship on love and trust, without compromising her faith or herself. Her work is intimate, raw, powerful, and joyful. McNair understands who she is as a child of Christ, and she wants to share her happiness with others.
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img_20190105_143639_328Carlene McNair is a faith based blogger. She writes many lifestyle blogs and many blogs pertaining to the Christian faith. She is transparent in her blogs and enjoys creating content that each reader can connect with and relate to.


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6623042_orig.jpgCarlene was born and raised in the Boston area and has been writing since she was young in the comfort of her own home. She is a Christian spoken word artist and at the age of seventeen she took her writing to the stage. Carlene is a soft spoken and passionate spoken word artist who uses her writing as a way to express her deepest feelings and thoughts. Carlene chose the stage name “Chosen.” as a stage name, which was inspired by 1 Peter 2:9. She strongly believes in coming forth and using what you have to glorify God and being confident in being unique, peculiar, and different. She has used her gift of poetry in and out of state, performing at various functions alongside some dynamic speakers. She was featured on the production of “An Inside Job” produced at Leominster TV with other poets, together forming the group Compassionate Poets. Compassionate Poets traveled to various facilities (detox centers for adults and youths) speaking a message of hope and resiliency.