The 3 Gs

  Hello beautiful people! Since the end of 2019 I've been on this journey of finding and maintaining inner peace. I want to share some of my secret "peace recipes" with you! Alot of times we thing peace is hard to obtain but in all actuality it's the activities that we partake it, whether they … Continue reading The 3 Gs

Why Am I Not Getting What I Want?

Why is it, when we reach out to God, we do not get the breakthrough that we desire? Isn't it so easy to ask ourselves that question? Especially when things in our life isn't going how we want them to go? The other day I was reading the story about the woman with the issue … Continue reading Why Am I Not Getting What I Want?

31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: Stretch for at least 20 minutes An important part of taking care of yourself is taking care of your body, the physical man. That is something I have learned and am still learning. Alongside trying to eat healthier and being mindful of what I am consuming I am also trying to be mindful … Continue reading 31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 14