Why Am I Not Getting What I Want?

Why is it, when we reach out to God, we do not get the breakthrough that we desire? Isn't it so easy to ask ourselves that question? Especially when things in our life isn't going how we want them to go? The other day I was reading the story about the woman with the issue … Continue reading Why Am I Not Getting What I Want?

31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Pray. Prayer can help you get through your toughest times. It can help you blossom in the most beautfulest situations. When I speak of prayer I am speaking of prayer as communication with Christ. It's how you can build a relationship with Him, get to know Him, express yourself to Him. The funny … Continue reading 31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 23

31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 6

Day 6: Take a mental health day. Your job is replaceable but your sanity isn't. Your job can easily replace you and find another employee but you cannot replace your mind and find another one. If your friends are your friends then they should understand. If your family supports you then they should understand. You … Continue reading 31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 6

God is the Author, I’m Just the Book.

I always wanted to be a mother. My nurturing instinct pranced at the thought of having a baby of my own; a baby to love, care for, and raise to be a beautiful being. I thought about how I would teach my child about what there is to know about life; how I would teach … Continue reading God is the Author, I’m Just the Book.

Experiencing IT First Hand

In that moment, time froze. Everyone around me was insignificant. In that moment I was able to grasp the true meaning of worship. I understood the meaning of praise. I did not have anything to give, my hands were empty. My mind was flooded with thoughts, my eyes weary from the fight with tears. I … Continue reading Experiencing IT First Hand


Freddrick HalleluYAH!!!: Delivered From A Nightmare, A Life Rebuilt To Praise God Interviewed on December 22. 2017 Freddrick also known as "Freddrick HalleluYAH!!!" is a gospel singer, rapper, and song writer. He is also the founder and CEO of Christ Like Muzik Group (CLMG) which is a music label that believes in the motto "all … Continue reading INTERVIEW WITH FREDDRICK HALLELUYAH!!!