On October 14, 2016, PhenomenallyCHOSEN. came into fruition. This ministry founded by Carlene is a platform for willing hearts and minds to authentically share their truths. The name is based off of 1 Peter 2:9.
PhenomenallyCHOSEN. belives that anything God brought you out of is worth sharing! We celebrate authenticity, transparency, and creativity, and we take joy in being set apart and different. 


Carlene uses this platform to coordinate and host various events including but not limited to, empowerment events for the youth and adults, outreach, and networking events in the community.  She interviews individuals who are willing to share their truths in hopes to uplift, encourage, and witness to other individuals who could relate.
Apparel coming soon! The apparel is created in hopes that one would look in the mirror and each day be reminded of the beautiful creation they are. The apparel has a unique message for every individual as well as scriptural based messages. 

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Interview with Contessa Brown

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Interested in being interviewed? Take a look at the requirements and fill out the form below.
*Must have a story to share (how you overcame with the help of Jesus Christ).
*This is a platform that believes in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior, ideally we would love interviewees to have a faith based background and believe in Jesus Christ.
*Must be available to interview via email, in person or via Skype.
*By agreeing and submitting the form, you agree that PhenomenallyCHOSEN. can post the interview on all PhenomenallyCHOSEN. social media and platforms; the content will be made public and shareable.