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On October 14, 2016, PhenomenallyCHOSEN. came into fruition. This ministry founded by Carlene is a platform for willing hearts and minds to share their testimony on how Christ delivered them and changed their ugly situation into something beautiful.
PhenomenallyCHOSEN. is a ministry encouraging Christians to accept their testimony no matter how ugly, embarrassing, or unacceptable it may seem. It’s a celebration for saying yes to His will and accepting His call on ones life. It’s a celebration of being delivered, set apart and different. This movement is for the redeemed that are willing to say so! It is also a ministry for unbelievers to see that Christians aren’t perfect but serve a perfect God and by the grace of God and His love He delivers. It encourages one to love themselves and see that Christ made them “beautifully and wonderfully.” 


Carlene coordinates and hosts various events under the ministry, including but not limited to, empowerment events for the youth and adults, outreach, and networking events in her local community. She interviews individuals who are willing to share their testimony in hopes to uplift, encourage, and witness to other individuals who could relate and she provides Apparel. The apparel is created in hopes that one would look in the mirror and each day be reminded of the beautiful creation they are. The apparel has a unique message for every individual as well as scriptural based messages. 

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*Must have a testimony to share (how you overcame with the help of Jesus Christ).
*This is a ministry that believes in Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior, ideally we would love interviewees to have a faith based background and believe in Jesus Christ.
*Must be available to interview via email, in person or via Skype.
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