Are you trying to plan a memorable event on a budget? Do you find yourself struggling with where to start? Look no further, I would love to work with you! Coordinating events on a budget is no foreign experience to me. There is something special about being a visionary and self taught event coordinator. Do you want to know what it is? You fully understand the stress, struggle, and success. I believe with my experience navigating through these different stages in my journey of artistry and entrepreneurship, I can provide you with the support, assistance, and the service that you need. As a creative and entrepreneur I know how it can be independently planning and executing events and ideas on a budget. If you need assistance turning your vision into a reality, I am here. I will help you:

Clarify your mission

Identify your target audience

Identify your long term and short term goals

Break down tasks into more manageable parts in order to accomplish goals

Strategically plan

Execute your vision

As creatives and entrepreneurs there are challenges and obstacles that we face that can take a toll on our mental health. Not only will I help you manifest your visions and ideas, I can provide you with the support that you deserve. I will work with you in a collaborative effort, meaning you will always be involved. We will be a team. My services are offered to artists and/or entrepreneurs.

After you take a look at the events I have had the pleasure of coordinating and hosting, contact me to discuss further details!

ARTISTS & Entrepeneurs

Services offered to entrepreneurs (a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so) and artists (creatives).

EVENT COORDINATION (For in person and virtual events)

Types of events: Product launches, book launches, brand/business launches, open mics, listening/viewing parties, release gatherings, workshops, groups, etc.

You will receive:

Service while maintaining budget

Assistance with invitations and/or flyer

Assistance with details of event (e.g. decorations, thank you gifts/goodie boxes, programming, etc.)

Assistance booking performers, photographers, videographers, speakers, vendors, and/or catering

Assistance with the research of venues that fit the occasion

A virtual platform to host event (for virtual events only)

Weekly check-ins prior to event

3 days of promotion via Snapchat and/or Instagram prior to event

Some additional things you will receive:

✔A support and an accountability partner

✔Budget friendly DIY tips

✔Referrals to top photographers, videographers, artists, and more!

Starting price $150 (50% deposit required for booking)


Are looking for an upbeat, charismatic host who can engage your audience? Look no further, I would love to host your next event!

Contact me today for pricing details!