God is the Author, I’m Just the Book.

I always wanted to be a mother. My nurturing instinct pranced at the thought of having a baby of my own; a baby to love, care for, and raise to be a beautiful being. I thought about how I would teach my child about what there is to know about life; how I would teach … Continue reading God is the Author, I’m Just the Book.

Experiencing IT First Hand

In that moment, time froze. Everyone around me was insignificant. In that moment I was able to grasp the true meaning of worship. I understood the meaning of praise. I did not have anything to give, my hands were empty. My mind was flooded with thoughts, my eyes weary from the fight with tears. I … Continue reading Experiencing IT First Hand


Freddrick HalleluYAH!!!: Delivered From A Nightmare, A Life Rebuilt To Praise God Interviewed on December 22. 2017 Freddrick also known as "Freddrick HalleluYAH!!!" is a gospel singer, rapper, and song writer. He is also the founder and CEO of Christ Like Muzik Group (CLMG) which is a music label that believes in the motto "all … Continue reading INTERVIEW WITH FREDDRICK HALLELUYAH!!!

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Part 2

Hello beautiful people! Here is part 2 of my AMA online session! It was a great session with over 100 subscribers and more then 50 interactions! Enjoy! .... Isn't a mother's presence enough to cover a father's absence? DEC 28, 9:38AM EST0 REPLY IAMCHOSEN. I believe both a mother and father are essential to have in … Continue reading AMA (Ask Me Anything) Part 2

AMA (Ask Me Anything) Part 1

Hello beautiful! I had the honours of hosting my very own Ask Me Anything session online. I had plenty of questions from inquiry minds about by book, my poetry and my blogs! They had the chance to ask me anything! I wanted to share it with you lovely guys! My username is IAmChosen. Enjoy the … Continue reading AMA (Ask Me Anything) Part 1