Book Reviews

"Your book was AMAZING. 
I absolutely enjoyed reading it. 
You book has invoked a lot of thinking and reflection of my own past 
and current relationships. It was a quick read however 
it was also so personal that many people 
including myself can relate too. The two that were my favorites were. 
"My Child" and "I Apologize". 
Reading "My Child" I LOVE LOVE, LOVE" 
My take on it was that you were saying how children are so innocent 
and delicate and how they are in danger of being polluted 
by the worlds drama. 
For every action theirs a consequence associated with it. 
This resonated a lot with me because I look at how society is going and 
how many children are misguided and trapped in the madness of the world. 
Not fully understanding that their for all their actions 
theirs a consequence attached to it...
"I Apologize" this poem speaks for itself.
 No words needed. 
"Love Me" I enjoyed so much and I feel alot of people 
can relate to this. 
I know a lot of people are looking for love but don't 
how to love theirselves 
and this poem captured what a lot of people are feeling and are 
working on achieving (self love)"
(What is Love? The Mysteries of the Heart)
-Bianca Dunbar
"...your book is Awesome"
(What is Love? The Mysteries of the Heart)
-Alexis Nally

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