What is Love? The Mysteries of the Heart

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In this moving collection of poems, Carlene McNair opens up about her struggle to find relationships that satisfied her both emotionally and spiritually. She acknowledges that the search for pure love is not easy, but it can be the most rewarding choice you have ever made.
McNair’s search for pure love offered her wisdom and insight into the true nature of relationships.
McNair’s poetry covers the unique challenges some Christian individuals face when trying to find a worthy partner. God is present in every poem and in every moment of McNair’s life. He is there through the heartache and the pain and through the joy and peace. McNair learned through Him how to build a relationship on love and trust, without compromising her faith or herself.
Her work is intimate, raw, powerful, and joyful. McNair understands who she is as a child of Christ, and she wants to share her happiness with others.