DSC_5667Carlene who is also known as “Chosen.” is a Christian spoken word artist, the founder of PhenomenallyCHOSEN., a writer, a singer, and a liturgical dancer in  her church’s dance ministry Ushers Of Praise; she also enjoys posting vlogs on YouTube and blogging. She was born and raised in the Boston area and has been writing since she was young in the comfort of her own home. At the age of seventeen she took it to the stage. Carlene is a soft spoken, passionate and creative writer who uses her writing as a way to express her deepest feelings and thoughts. Since her early years, Carlene has found enjoyment by liturgically dancing and finding her singing voice within her home church, House of Prayer #5.

Carlene’s passion of art and music goes beyond just liking it but it is in her blood and runs through her family. Carlene believes that if at least one person is touched by her work her mission is accomplished.

Carlene chose the name Chosen. as a stage name and later it became a way of life. She believes that for every circumstance or situation one may be in they were chosen to be in it; she also believes that if God brought you to it He can bring you through it. She strongly believes in coming forth and using what you have to glorify God.


Carlene is a Curry College graduate with a bachelors degree in Psychology. While attending college she was one of the founders and captains of the step team M.O.T.I.O.N. After graduating, she has worked in the human service field, gaining experience working with youth in the Department of Youth Services, working with the substance abuse population, and served as a diligent worker in psychiatric rehabilitation. Carlene is currently working with the mental health population and pursuing her masters degree in Social Work at Boston University.

In 2013 Carlene came out with her first official spoken word video on YouTube, “Dear Father.” This was viewed by thousands and liked by hundreds and it continues to serve as a piece that touches the hearts of many.

In 2015 she came out with her first EP, “Epiphany” featuring the dynamic speaker Evangelist Alma Downie. Carlene has been doing poetry at many events in and around the Boston area. Carlene enjoys traveling and has performed spoken word in Washington D.C  at an event hosted by Beautiful Minds Entertainment, alongside many other anointed poets such as: Canden Webb, Chris Webb, Micheal Nelder, etc. and has worked with the motivational speaker and CEO of Lead the Baseline, Aaron Wilson.

In October 14, 2016, PhenomenallyCHOSEN. came into fruition. Founded by Carlene this serves as a platform for willing hearts and minds to share their testimony on how Christ delivered them and changed their ugly situation into something beautiful.

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In 2017 Carlene published her first chapbook, “What is Love? Mysterious of the Heart.” In this moving collection of poems, Carlene McNair opens up about her struggle to find relationships that satisfied her both emotionally and spiritually. She acknowledges that the search for pure love is not easy, but it can be the most rewarding choice you have ever made.  God is present in every poem and in every moment of McNair’s life. Her work is intimate, raw, powerful, and joyful. Her book can be purchased here.