7 Steps To Tapping Into Your Creativity

Hello beautiful people! Sometimes finding something youre good at or finding something you can call your craft can be very difficult. Below I listed 7 easy and quick steps to help jump start you on your road of creativity!   1. Think about some things you like to do or what you want to try … Continue reading 7 Steps To Tapping Into Your Creativity

What Does The Center Of Your Joy Look Like?

Who is your joy wrapped up in? Is it in your spouse, your friends, your career, your family? Who/what is in the center of your joy? Christmas is approaching and we all know its a very joyous time of the year. A time to spend with family and fellowship one with another, it seems like … Continue reading What Does The Center Of Your Joy Look Like?

Baby Steps

(Image from primalperks.com) Truth be told, stepping out onto faith is scary. That is something I tend to struggle with at times. I don't like the unknown, I love confirmation and clarity. As many of you know I am an entrepreneur. I am an author. I am a visionary. There is so much God has … Continue reading Baby Steps


The air grew colder, the breeze kissed my cheeks. The day lowered down its head and the night slowly began to rise. I made my way into the warmth of my house. I made my way up the stairs and into my room. That night was not going to be like any ordinary night, that … Continue reading Wildfire