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Carlene CHOSEN.
Founder and President of PhenomenallyCHOSEN.
Hello beautiful people!
I hope all is well. For a long time I was big on sharing testimonies and transparency (as I still am), however I managed to find a way to not share my testimony. After self evaluation and deep prayers I have decided to put shame aside and walk in victory, embracing the truth in the unpleasant situations and the truth in the beautiful situations. 
Unfortunate family events kind of began this cycle and failed relationships pushed it along.
During my younger years, I became familiar to self harm, anxiety and self esteem issues. I am beyond thankful and blessed to say that Christ has delivered me and set me free.  My strength is found in Him. Satan has a way of making you feel trapped and isolated and that is how he breaks you down but after years of silence I thank God He has set me free and gave me the opportunity to speak about how God can turn your bad situations around for the better. I could have been dead but I am alive and well and God has placed me in a position to help others as well as help others who are familiar to what I went through. I pray that my testimony helps whomever and I pray that if you are in a place that I was, remember that God can make it alright and it can get better. Much love, joy and peace!

(Sean Merrill)

My name is Sean Merrill. I am 37 years old and I am from Chelmsford, MA. I had a really good upbringing with a family that truly loved me. I had a daughter at young age, but went on and graduated from a vocational high school and became a licensed Journeyman Electrician by the age of 22. I met my wife and we bought our first home when I was 25. Shortly after that my brother Corey came to my house with some pills and I tried painkillers for the first time, my self-destruction began.

Over the next ten years I went to 8 different treatment centers but it didn’t help. I lost visitation rights to see my daughter, I lost my electrical license, I lost our home, my wife left me and filed for divorce, I had overdosed and been revived, I lost my purpose and I lost the will to live. On February 24, 2011 the phone call came. My older brother Bobby called me and said “Sean…Corey is dead”. He had died from an overdose. I remember going through these feelings that I could never begin to explain, feelings of grief, guilt, shame, sadness, etc. all at the same time. I remember wishing that my wife or daughter were there with me to hug. I realized I was all alone and that it was my fault. That is when I cried out and begged God to help me. I told him that I couldn’t do this alone, and asked him to please help me. I asked him to forgive me for being so selfish. Within a few months, God put Pastor Rocky McKinley in my path. He explained Jesus Christ and the cross to me. He told me that if I would accept this free gift that Jesus had already died for, that I could leave my old life and all of those bad things that I had done at the foot of the cross and I would be forgiven. He also told me something else that day; he told me that he believed in me. I hadn’t heard somebody say that to me in a long time.

That was the day that things started turning around for me. That was the day that I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

Well, I fell again. I reached out to Pastor Neil Eaton and he told me about Teen Challenge Brockton, I thought that he was joking, I was 35 years old and assumed Teen Challenge was for Teens. Little did I know that I was committing myself to the hardest recovery program in the world. God helped me endure.

In May of 2014, I had been in the program for about three months and I went to the Brockton Family and Probate court for my divorce hearing. My wife told the judge “I am seeing something different in my husband since he has been in Teen Challenge, I would like to postpone the divorce.” Today, the divorce has been dropped and our family is being restored!

I graduated in May of 2015!

Today my family is proud of me. My mother, Cheryl Rayner Juaire, has made it her mission to be a voice in the addiction community and tell as many people about was God is doing through Teen Challenge and bring hope to as many as she can. She has joined and started several groups including grief support groups for parents that have lost a child to addiction and is working diligently to make sure that families don’t have to go through what we did. My beautiful wife Elizabeth and I are working through the mistakes that I had made, she has been through so much and I am so blessed to have her by my side. God has blessed us with our precious little boy Jonathon. My daughter Seanna has turned into a beautiful young woman! She has graduated high school and went on to college at Suffolk University where she is studying corporate accounting. She has accepted Christ in her life and God has begun restoring our relationship.

I am so grateful for what God is doing in my life through Teen Challenge. I have been gratefully serving at Teen Challenge and keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus. God is restoring my family and all of those other things that I had lost and I have a hope and a future!

On Sunday I celebrated 3 years clean!

The scripture that I stand on is-

2 Corinthians 5:17-
“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!”

Excerpt Testimony from @leahhjames  READ FULL BLOG POST ON HER BLOG WEBSITE


  (Leah James)

“I know what you’re thinking. There is NO WAY this woman’s brain exploded and she survived. Okay, well maybe not my WHOLE entire brain but a part of it really did explode. Okay, maybe explode is an over reaction but that is sure what it felt like. I was 16 when a brain aneurysm I didn’t even know I had ruptured causing a severe hemorrhagic stroke. My brain was bleeding for hours before the doctors caught it. It is only a miracle that I am alive today to tell the story. Even now as I type this and look at this picture of me while I was unconscious, in an induced coma, I can’t believe that’s me. I can remember the pain like it was yesterday, I still have the scars, I have the medical documents, the fatigue and the VP shunt to prove it and the bragging rights to say “I have had three brain surgeries and I still look good!” but yet, still…It is hard for me to grasp the fact that I survived something that most people do not, is humbling to say the least…”


  (Freddrick HalleluYAH!!!)

Peace and Praise the Lord everyone, my name is Freddrick Sawyer-Brimage. And I am here to share with you my testimony. First and foremost God is so good and He is always showing His forgiveness, grace and mercy. Ten years ago I was almost convicted of kidnapping a person that I robbed. Man as I look back at those days it was real and it was scary. My lawyer told me if they decided to indict me on those charges I could have been facing up to 25 to life in jail. It was so surreal for me and a huge eye opener because my sinful actions got me into that mess. God is good because I fell to my knees that night in my prison cell and prayed to God asking him to save me from this situation and from the road I was heading on. 2 weeks later He did; I still did time, 2 years to be correct for my actions. The time I did wasn’t easy but God let me know on multiple occasions that He was with me. God is so good because there were times I didn’t think I would even make it out alive. My God is a deliverer for real. I made it home in 2009 by the grace and mercy of God, and I have been on this narrow path towards righteousness ever since. So I hope my testimony brings hope to young men and women. Thank you for listening and God bless you all in Jesus Name.


                                                                                            (Sal Zepeda; @among_the_pharaohs)

I grew up going to church on Sundays but like many never applied it to my life. As early as 15 I remember snorting my first line of cocaine, loved the rush. Throughout high school and 23 I’ve done and tried everything but the needle it seems like. I’ve always had God on my mind and heart which I’m sure kept me from doing worse in life, the angel in your shoulder telling you not to if you will. From 23-29yrs I drank, snorted anything in front of me and was a voracious womanizer. I should’ve died countless times in countless ways throughout the years and I’m sure God was there to save me every time. At 30yrs. Of age and After losing my girlfriend the mother of my daughter I felt broken, lost and lonely as ever. I prayed to God to change me and that very next morning I felt brand new and alive and focused! No one changes overnight, this road to righteousness has been difficult and will continue to be. I am not perfect, but at 32 I haven’t been the same man ever since. I got married w my then girlfriend have 2 daughters now and with her son and daughter from a previous marriage we are one huge happy family. I got baptized this past April at 33years of age and feel the Holy Spirit working in me like a wildfire in a dry field on a windy day! ! To all be the Glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ my God.

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