The 3 Gs



Hello beautiful people!

Since the end of 2019 I’ve been on this journey of finding and maintaining inner peace. I want to share some of my secret “peace recipes” with you!

Alot of times we thing peace is hard to obtain but in all actuality it’s the activities that we partake it, whether they are smaller activities or larger ones, they are vital in us experiencing the inner peace.

Let me first let you all in on one of my secrets to achieving a sense of peace when I feel like I’m going through turmoil. When I feel the weight of this world on my shoulders this is what I remind myself…


When you GO through you, allow yourself to GROW too, and you’ll end up GLOWING too! ©️

That’s right, the turmoil you are experiencing can mold you and make you, but you have to make that choice. Will you allow it to break you down or will you find strength? WIll you search and grasp internal peace?

What choice will you make?

If you forget everything I’ve said, please remember the 3 G’s…


Remember to every beginning, there is an end. There is an end to your situation but until then make the most out of the process. Take them lemons make some lemonade.

Glow up hunny. All the way up!

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