31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Take a long hot bath or shower.

In the goodie boxes I gave my attendees at my event for the mothers, I added some body soak. One lavender scented and one mint scented.  The body soak helped to relieve aches and pains, relieve tension, and help with sleep. This little token of appreciation was also used as something to motivate the mothers to take part in self care. The body soak was placed in little tea bags which could either be hung on the shower head or bath faucet so the scent can diffuse into the air of the bathroom and dissolve in the running water or the body soak could have been emptied directly into the bath water. Either way the effects were the same!

What I decided to do was hang it on my shower head and take a long hot shower.


Oooo La La!

You can do what I did and use the body soak or you can take a hot shower or bath without any body soak. Body soak can be purchased at Walmart, Dollar Tree, Target, Amazon, ect.

Allow the steam to embrace your body, feel the heated water surround you and comfort your skin or rain down on you and make you feel alive. Sweat out all of the worries and stress.


Light some candles for a calm environment, play relaxing music to add to the mood,  add bubbles for some fun, eat some chocolate to feel fancy, better yet wine and cheese!

A little too far?

Well I think you get where I am going!

You deserve happiness. You deserve peace.  You matter!

Pamper yourself, you deserve it!

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