31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Pray.

Prayer can help you get through your toughest times. It can help you blossom in the most beautfulest situations.


When I speak of prayer I am speaking of prayer as communication with Christ.

It’s how you can build a relationship with Him, get to know Him, express yourself to Him. The funny thing is sometimes people think in order for Christ to hear you, you have to use fancy words. You don’t. Speak to Him how you will usually communicate with someone. No need to try to impress Him when He created you and knows who you are.


Always remember He knows your heart.

Talk to Him and let Him know what’s going on. Even in gratitude, He understands a “thank you” whispered in the quietest voice.

Below I will list a few scriptures pertaining to prayer:

  • Jeremiah 29:12
  • Philippians 4:6
  • James 5:16
  • Acts 2:21

Article Link: https://www.womansday.com/life/inspirational-stories/g29060668/bible-verses-about-prayer/

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