31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 22

Day 22: Detach yourself from negative people.

Negativity can drain you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

All in all negativity is not good.

When dealing with negative people, they have a tendency to throw their negativity onto you. Enjoying pleasant occasions with them is difficult,  looking to them for encouragement and support is like looking for a strand of hair in a haystack, expecting any bit of optimism from them results in an enormous amount of stress on your end.

By detaching yourself from them,  you are looking out for your wellbeing which is very important.  Negative people can be family or friends.


Protecting yourself mentally,  emotionally and spiritually is vital. 

Look at it this way, you are the trunck and everything (e.g. job, hobbies, school) / everyone are the branches. If you allow a negative person to pollute your being with toxicity,  how do you expect everything and relationships with those attached to you to prosper?

It cannot.

If you constantly allow someone to dump their misery into your life it can take a toll on you and before you know it you join in with the negativity.

Misery loves company.

Have you noticed a negative person cannot be negative alone? They have to draw someone into their circle of negativity.

You deserve happiness. You deserve peace. You matter. 

You deserve more than to be a negative person’s dumpster.



Detach yourself from them.

Delete them from social media, block them from your phone, avoid spending time with them, do whatever you can to protect your wellbeing!

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