31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Write a love letter to yourself.

This goes hand in hand with the challenge for day 9. Be honest with yourself.  Write what you absolutely love about yourself.  I understand this can be difficult for some.

For every con there is a pro.


  • Con: I’m too nice, people walk over me.
  • Pro: I’m kind and have a soft spirit (the people are the problem not you).


  • Con: I’m mean. Nobody likes me!
  • Pro: You recognize a character trait that you have the power to change (not everyone can master that).

pexels-photo-211290 (1).jpeg

You see, to every con there is a pro. When you start counting every negative thing about yourself, there is something positive standing close by. The challenge is opening your eyes and mind to see it.

After you complete your letter, store it somewhere safe and when you are feeling low, grab it and read it out loud to yourself. Read it over and over again until you start to believe every word.

You are worth writing about

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