31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 8

Day 8: Close your eyes, drop your shoulders,  roll your head. 

The day that I had a full body massage, it was the day I realized how necessary it is to be mindful of my stress levels.  We all carry stress differently.  Many time we carry stress in our bodies.  You may notice back pain or even tense shoulders. That can be where your stress is making its home (now also be mindful of the possibilities of other medical conditions).


Try this exercise, it’s very brief yet so relaxing.  It can literally be done anywhere. 

Close your eyes.

Drop your shoulders, relax them, feel the muscles loosen.

Roll your neck clockwise. Pause. Now counter clockwise.

Do you hear any cracking noises? Do you feel the tension in your shoulders and/or neck escaping your upper body.


Another thing I have tried was…

Stand up…

Let your upper half literally hang down towards your toes. Feel your back muscles stretch.

These exercises can also help you identify the need areas or more so the areas that need your attention.


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