31 Day Self Care Challenge: Day 1


This is officially day 1 of the 31 Day Self Care Challenge!

If you are new to this blog site, welcome! If you are a returning reader, welcome back! Before we get into today’s challenge, let me tell you about how this all started…

November 23, 2019, after a year long break I hosted an event called Falling Into Your Purpose: Mothers Matter Too! I had mothers in mind and I wanted to create a safe space for mothers to connect and discuss maternal mental health and well being. In spite of the anxiety I was feeling leading up to the event I must say the event was a success! My mission was accomplished! Mothers came together and allowed themselves to be transparent and vulnerable. When I say vulnerable I do not mean in the context of being submissive, I more so mean having the courage to be themselves. All of the mothers received goodie boxes filled with self  care items and a folder that consisted of the  biographies of the panelists, clinicians, and myself. Also in the folder I put together a list of agencies  organizations that cater to the needs of mothers and their children and I added a 31 Day Self Care Challenge!

Day 1: Set aside time for what you love

Sometimes, majority of the time, it can be so difficult to manage your time. Having to juggle the repsonsinibilites of a job, of having child(ren), owning a business, being a wife, and so on, it can be so draining . The thought of finding time to do something you love can seem like an unrealistic dream. I completely understand! After having my child I honestly had to really think about what I love doing. I had to think about what brings me joy, peace , and restoration. There are many things I enjoy doing, one of things is watching a good movie.

Sounds simple right? Well try watching a good movie with an 11 month old climbing on your head like you are an obstacle course. Oh you think a snack will calm that little busy body? Nope that snack will get sucked on and if not smeared on your body then thrown across the room. Something so simple as watching a movie, how do I do that without distraction? When it’s quiet time such as nap time or bed time for the baby, I put all other distractions away, and use that time to unwind and watch a movie.

How can you do something you love?

Do it when you have free time! Free time is indeed possible,  it can be during your child’s nap time, after their bed time, or even before they wake up in the morning. Spending time to do what you love takes some time management skills but as a mother, that is something we constantly battle with. After taking time to do what you love you may notice you’ll  feel happier and recharged or even more at peace.

I hope day 1 works put beautifully for you!


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