7 Steps To Tapping Into Your Creativity

Hello beautiful people!

Sometimes finding something youre good at or finding something you can call your craft can be very difficult. Below I listed 7 easy and quick steps to help jump start you on your road of creativity!


download (1).jpeg

1. Think about some things you like to do or what you want to try to do.


2. Find what your passionate about. Be mindful to find something you enjoy. Refrain from trying to mimick others.


3. Spend some quiet time working on your craft. Take that time to clear your mind from negativity. Transfer your energy into creative energy.


4. Surround yourself with like minded people that can fuel inspiration as well encourage you. Constructive criticism helps. Be mindful of who you surround yourself with.


5. Dont be afraid of failure and/ or constructive criticism. It can help build you and better you and your craft.


6. Let YOUR vision play out. Advice is fantastic but when everyone throws in their opinions then your vision becomes their vision.


7.  Be yourself and bring your uniqueness to your craft.




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