Self Appreciation


I stood behind the microphone. There I was standing in the center of 3 walls.

1st take…

2nd take…

3rd take…

I was in the recording booth recording by first single. My first of many. Within that booth I found a great appreciation for myself, something I lacked. I found an appreciation in my voice, my style, my approach, my creativity.

Sometimes (unintentionally) we pick up the styles and approach of the people we look up to, watch, or listen to. The time we spend carrying their styles and incorporating them into our own is time we lose appreciating our very own uniqueness.

There was a time when my constant self evaluation and criticism were results of me neglecting my self. Interesting huh? I neglected the uniqueness God has given to me by trying to sound like someone else. I lost time in loving myself and who I was because I loved the ways of someone else.


Talking about a slap in the face to my Creator.

This can easily happen in any situation. On the job, you may try to be like your coworker and neglect the speciality you bring to the workplace. How about your relationship? Your trying to mimick that social media couple or that tv couple. You lost sight of the importance in your relationship.

It seems like time wasted huh….

Pretty much, time wasted in not loving who you are.

I stood behind the microphone. There I was standing in the center of 3 walls.

I left the booth to hear the finished produuct and I loved it. It was me. Original and unique.

Be who you are and be confident in who God made you to be. That great appreciation for self is worth more then we recognize it to be.

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