Out With The Old, In With The New


(Photo: Nadya Korobkova/Shutterstock)

Ever wonder why you are not farther in life then planned?

Ever wonder why you are failing more then succeeding?

Ever wonder why it feels like you are at a stand still?

Have you ever evaluated the load you are carrying?

Sometimes the answer to those questions is simple. You are carrying old dirty baggage and once you release that heavy weight and dirt you’ll feel fresh, free, and renewed.

Sometimes we need a fresh start.

You can’t move forward burdened with the past. You cant live freely, bound by the past.

This most definitely includes people. Sometimes “old friends” do not have the best intentions for you. Is the ex trying to resurface? Remember they are the “ex” for a reason. Just because someone wants to be present in your life again it doesn’t always mean they “miss you”; sometimes they can see that you have potential and that you are moving forward in life and they do not want to get left behind. They want a piece of the pie, sometimes the whole pie. Some people like to hang on to coat tales. That could be why when you try to make a step forward you feel a pull back; you cant properly move forward looking back.

I an not a licensed professional but from my experience and observance there are signs to notice in regards to people in your past not wanting you to step into your future:

1. They burden you with their issues and problems; their misfortunes are more important than anything else and to not focus primarily on that means you do not want to focus on them (in their mind).

2. When you discuss your hopes, plans, dreams they show little interest. Sometimes they attempt to dull your shine by discouraging you rather then encouraging you.

3. If you do not keep tight communication with them, its an issue. Speaking with them is priority and your responsibilities come last.

4. A lot of times they do not have plans or goals. Conversations with them are dull and lifeless. You want to to talk about your entrepreneurship, plans, goals, future and they want to talk about the most recent reality show, partying or the latest sneakers (just examples).

5. They do not spark any inspiration whats so ever. Theyre inspiration killers!

So what do you do, you might ask. Take a shower and wash off that old dirt. Step into newness and freshness. Open your eyes, recognize, accept it, and keep it moving. Is it always easy? Nope. Is it worth it? Yes it most certainly can be!





  1. I agree. Not everyone who calls themself a friend has good intentions. Some people are inspiration busters as you call them. They take but don’t give. Ever so often, we need to evaluate our life and walk away from anything that has no value.

  2. You may not call yourself and expert, but sister I will call you one! You are so 100% right about this! If the people who have been in your life forever will not let you grow, then they are not what you need right now. It’s that simple! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate it and yes I agree, if they’re holding you back its best to move on.

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