When Gratitude Doesn’t Look Green


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The holiday season is here and these times can be very hard for some people for various reason. For those who may not be negatively impacted by these times I encourage you to be mindful of those who are and to show love and support.

Many times we associate materialistic things with gratitude. What happend to the things we cannot buy with money that Jesus blessed us with? Those are the things holding beautiful value because that means they can never be bought meaning they will not need to be replaced.

I sat in front of a classroom discussing gratitude with those in the room. I encouraged them to search within themselves and identify the positive qualities that they have that they are greatful for.

I heard “friendly, kind, loyal, honest” and so much more. You see, every one of us contains a quality that we should be thankful for. You can be patient, loving, determined, positive and more.

Its like a cake, in the cake we have different ingredients but each ingredient is essential because without it, the cake would not be so tasty. Your the cake, you are beautiful in your very own way. You’re not like every other cake, you have your own spin and you have all these ingredients inside that is essential in making you, you. You just need to identify them and be thankful for them because without it you will be deflated, tasteless, and bland.

Maybe that dash of patience helped you to see the good in people which allowed them to see the good in you, that sprinkle of determination helped you not to be stagnant but pushed you to always want to be an achiever, that mix in of loyalty resulted in a great support system of friends and family. You have proved that you dont always want but your also willing to give and be there for others.

I encourage you to find what you are thankful for within yourself and even around you; find what you are thankful for that money can not buy (support system, memories, health, personal qualities, etc.)

I am not in any way a doctor or an expert. These are my advice and thoughts and I hope they help someone rather then hinder.

Here are some quick tips that I hope helps you out!

1. Being thankful does not have to mean being thankful in only materialistic things. Identify the things that cannot be bought with money that you are thankful for.

2. Surround yourself with positivity. There are different community events that are free that can come in handy during these times. If you cannot find it amongst others than do something that you like to do, that makes you happy. Stir the positivity within yourself. If it seems hard look back at tip #1.

3. Be honest with yourself and others.  If something bothers you and if this season brings you down reach out to your supports and communicate. They may be able to help you and brighten your day!

(Friends, family, neighbor’s and more you can be a support, be mindful of others and be kind. Show love, spread love and encourage one another.)

I hope someone was encouraged!

Be you, be beautiful, be unique, be lovely and be phenomenal!….oh and remember, Jesus loves you!


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