6466219-largeWho enjoys getting that notice that you will be evicted? Its probably not the greatest feeling, can you agree? Its like you have to pack up and leave and sometimes you do not know how you will make ends meet, where you will move to, what your next step is…

I  wonder how Adam and Eve felt when they were “evicted” from the Garden of Eden. Lets take a look at the definition of evicted shall we?

According to google:

past tense: evicted; past participle: evicted
expel (someone) from a property, especially with the support of the law.

As we read in Genesis, paraphrasing, God created this beautiful garden, various animals, peace, joy, and happiness. To watch over the garden and name the animals God created Adam and from Adam He created Eve, his help mate. God instructed them not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:9; Genesis 2:16-17). Now, this tree probably was not like any ordinary tree. It was probably so appealing with juicy fruits that would have made your mouth water. Unfortunately Eve lost sight of God and she lost sight of His words, the very words that was put in place to keep Adam and Eve from the struggle and pain (Genesis 3:1-6).

If only they listened…

Maybe you can somewhat relate to this experience; God creates a beautiful thing for you, He blesses you beyond comprehension. Maybe with that job you prayed for, that man or woman with those characteristics and traits you prayed for, so on and so forth. Everything is perfect; God instructs you to listen and follow His instruction, honor and obey Him and put Him first. Before you know it, your lost in that perfection, lost in the splendor of what He has given you. Next thing you know, your eyes are no longer on Him but on the very thing He told you not to do. Now your working excessively, not paying your tithes or going to church. You stopped reading His Word. That person you prayed for is now taking all of your time. You gave them control over your emotions, your mental state, and your body. Those words God has given you to obey and cherish you forgot about it.

Lets take a whole different approach, God blesses you with a wife/husband and you take him/her for granted. In Gods Word He tells you how to love them with His love being the perfect example but you decide to step out of that commitment…


Your fleshly desires superseded your spiritual discernment. You listened to what satan had to say and now your compromising and trying to straddle the fence.

(Genesis 3:8) God is waiting for you to talk to Him and repent but instead you try to hide and brush your errors under the rug. Out of love God addresses you…you make excuses…

Since you proved not to be a responsible steward of what God has given you, its taken from you.

He doesn’t take it away to be mean but in support of His Word. His instruction. His requirements. Expect a result from disobedience.

Jesus is indeed merciful and His grace is amazing but that does not provide an exscuse to take Him or His words lightly.

He is knocking on the door of your heart. Did you let Him in? Are you going to open it for Him and change your old habits and be renewed or are you going to wait until the knocking pauses and you open the door to find an eviction notice on the door? An eviction notice telling you that due to you not taking heed to His Word, that very thing you put before Him, you will no longer have; either temporarily or permanently.








  1. Wow what a great read now I know this came from a passionate person and I appreciate the scriptures for reference . Reminds me of a song that I written 4 years ago talking about you don’t want Jesus to Walk Away. If he’s knocking at your heart tthen open up the door because you don’t want Jesus to Walk Away. Thank you so much for this I appreciate it God bless you.

    1. I agree we don’t want Him to walk away. He always gives us chances and opportunities!
      Thank you for tuning in!

  2. Great read, and such truth! When we allow false idols to rule over our hearts instead of God, He will always retaliate in love. Our God is a jealous God, and He will always remind us that what He gives can always be taken if not stewarded correctly.

    1. He loves us so much He just wants the best for us. He always gives us opportunities to come back to Him and to correct our mistakes.
      Thank you for your thoughts 😊

  3. This is such a great read. It becomes so easy to idolize what we asked God to receive and completely remove God from the picture. We must keep our relationship with God our priority even more after we receive what we asked, or we will come to think too highly of ourselves.

    1. I agree with you! It’s important that our relationship with Him is priority.
      Thank you for sharing that thought!

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