When is Enough, Enough?


See this special device…..

You are looking at the result of me skydiving without a parachute. Yes I did it, I was in the sky, diving without a parachute and behold, I landed on a ice cream truck. Right on top of the whip cream, coating the scoop of chocolate chunko ice cream.

Tis it is a sad sad tale indeed……

A lie is what it is! I think I have way too much fun with these bloggs. I tell my own stories and laugh behind the computer screen at my own self. Haha I really think Im funny though, but ok. I’m pretty sure you didnt come here for my shenanigans…

So here we go…

So I recently had a surgery, its been about 5 years (I think, I could be wrong) since I felt this pain. Though it is familiar to me it is still unpleasant. On top of that I had to cancel all of my shows for the month of August, as well as auditions I had lined up for a film and I could not participate on the praise and worship team (something I absolutely love….that couldnt stop me from singing praises at home…nope) or attend church service. Amongst all of that, I had to get accustomed to staying in bed, at home to recover. Any little thing, I wanted to get out of bed. Did anyone drop a fork all the way in the kitchen? Ill fight to get out of bed and drag my broken leg behind me to pick up that one fork. The struggle is seriously real.

Crazy I know. Its like why dont I just stay in the bed and get better right?

I cried when the pain was bad, when I was hungry and couldnt get my own food, when I looked in the mirror and saw 3 month old cornbraids on my head.

I cried when I had to recover.

I felt like a piece of furniture in a room, I felt lazy; I am so familiar to always doing something that I felt like I wasnt doing anything!

Literally today, after I had a fit because I didn’t want to calm down and relax, I came to a realization…

Writing this blog post from my bed, I want to ask you a question. When is enough, enough?

When is the pain enough? When will you take time for yourself to recover from the divorce, from work, from the hurt, discouragement, toxic friendships, and so on..When will ENOUGH BE ENOUGH? When will you understand and accept that sometimes you have to take some time for yourself to heal. The “recovery” process can be hard. You may look rough, feel dependent, vulnerable, isolated or even bored. Bored? Yes bored, maybe during that time in your life you have no choice but to not conduct in business but simply indulge in learning how to enjoy having a peace of mind.

Its ok to recover and let the damage heal. In the moment of feeling helpless you will find the energy to make a come back of greatness.

It is ok to focus on you. You are important and your health, whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and so on is important.

Sometimes we associate that “down” time with a whole bunch of cons and “I cants.” Actually that “down” time is a chance for you to recharge your battery and in that moment you CAN do a lot. Evaluate, heal, do something you enjoy, enjoy quality time with yourself and more!

Charge your battery! Get that positive energy up. You dont want your juice to decrease in percentage, next think your light dims to conserve energy, and next thing….BAM….you wont turn on or better yet you wont be able to fully enjoy life.

In conclusion, you may not be like me, laying in a bed surrounded with pillows, blankets, a laptop, gummy bears, ice packs and a planner (which I havent looked at in a long time) but hopefully my message of recovery can help you in some way, shape, or form.

Much love to yall!

Stay beautiful, stay unique, stay phenomenal!




  1. Loved this Carlene..wow, i never knew you had surgery done…thid was so true, and can relate to the fact that self healing is so important, praise God. I can definitely relate that nothing can/should separate us from our love to worship the Lord or do the things we love. My most recent tragedy for past 7yrs ws my divorce, but praise God for healing-lot of worship, “self discovery/healing”, awesome friends, and family. God continue to bless your ministries and relationship with Him! Stay inspired, stay you, stay blessed. ✨

    1. Im sorry to hear about your divorce and I praise God with you for the support and healing!
      Self care and allowing time to heal is very important.
      Thank you for sharing and taking time to read this. I wish you the best ❤

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