Christian Girl Going Through “Un-Christian Things”

FB_IMG_1500473281372.jpgHello beautiful people!

Ive missed you guys! Its been so hectic for me. Ive been planning events and preparing for my book launch party as well as a whole lot of other things.

As many of you know I am now an author (*insert the clapping sound effect here*) and I am so excited. This was a big step for me. It was not easy putting some of my life story in a book for everyone to read…and I mean everyone! When my book was published I was dreading some criticism I felt I was going to receive. I was preparing myself for the, “why didnt..”, “you shouldnt…”, “dont do…” and so on. At one point I was hesitant about putting my work out there.

In this easy read book, I speak about my experiences with relationships, self esteem, confidence, having a Christ centered love, and so on. I also included a lot of my love poems that shows a timeline of the experiences being in a relationship, it all crumbling down and ultimately finding strength and understanding in Jesus. My poems were basically journal entries of a person in search of love and the meaning of love (dont forget to purchase the book! Yes, I am self promoting as well haha)

As much as I feel like my book is good I couldnt help but to wonder what if noone else likes my book? What if the poetry is too raw, too real, too uncut? What if I talk a little too much about my past and about myself ( I mean I am usually a conservative person)? Then it hit me….This is my book, my work and my story! I don’t mean to sound rude…no I really dont. Its just that when someone is going through something, a learning process, a time of discovery, growth, it doesnt always look like a room with a fancy table with tea, crackers and white napkins. A room with a big grand piano and a twirly staircase and a chandelier. Sometimes it looks like a shack, with dust, mold, 2 windows and a bucket (whats the bucket for? I dont know…) An outsider doesnt have to agree with my experience but keep in mind, its my experience. They do not need to agree with my reactions to life situations or with my human emotions, keep in mind its my emotions. Its your emotions.

Your experiences may not look like the next persons but that’s okay and it may not look like a grand ball! Cry as long as you need to, grieve as long as you need, scream, stomp, shout, throw. Be you because at the end of the day, what you go threw is not for show or for people to agree with. Its a process you are going through for you. As long as you overcome  in a healthy manner thats what the focus should be on…

One response to “Christian Girl Going Through “Un-Christian Things””

  1. Congratulations on your book. And Yes, being “You” as you said is not to show or for people to agree with. I totally agree with this! Amen! Charlene –

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