Perfection at its Finest


Its so easy to look at the outer and see how perfect someone has it together. Its so easy to look at the life of someone else and see the beauty radiating from their accomplishments, their promotions, advancements, etc…

​That person you look up to has it all together, everything is perfect. Perfection at its finest.

​You know what…

​I don’t get why perfection is associated with beauty, flaws are seen as ugly and as imperfections.

​A lot of individuals you see “have it all together” but what we fail to see is that the artists, entrepreneurs, speakers, big shots, etc. are not perfect. Majority of the time they went through  some unpleasant situation, sweat and tears to get where they are currently. In my opinion, the struggle is what’s beautiful. It’s what brings out the resiliency and strength in a person. Society has a bad habit of trying to cover up scars and hush hush the unpleasant things and shed light on what their idea of perfection should be.

​Lets talk about the story behind what you see in front of the curtain; lets talk about the years (for example) an artist had to build themselves up, encourage themselves, motivate themselves, promote their own work, book their own shows, step out of their comfort zone and lose relationships in the midst of it all. Lets talk about the doubt, fear and mental battles  that had to be conquered for them to get where there at.

​Its a shame, but society’s view of perfection some how leaked into the church and brain washed the saints. Wow. Maybe if some of the church folks didn’t uplift that idea of beauty in perfection, the world wouldn’t be so quick to point fingers when we slip up and mess up (drops mic).
​I know , I know I may have a few in the bunch that strongly disagrees and that is okay! I’m not mad at ya, but what I am mad about is someone who has a story that can help someone else but instead they sit in the pews every Sunday all dolled up, denying their past battles and acting like they dropped from heaven as lovely as can be!

​Lets be honest, in my own experience there were times when I felt like I have been placed a little too high and seen as some form of perfect from Christians and non Christians. Yeah I enjoy writing, I blog, I YouTube, I work full time, I graduated, I am working on a book, I do poetry, I perform at shows, yada yada yada. It looks good right, it seems like I have it all together, but truth be told I don’t.

​(insert crazy maniac laugh here.)

​In all of that, you want to know what I have struggled with? Doubt (what am I doing, no one will ever listen), fear (I am not good enough. I will never reach the level of so and so), self esteem issues (I’m trying to help others when  I am still trying to find myself. I’m worthless, ugly and a waste of space), etc.

​There was a time when I felt like I had to wear one of those smiley masks when the real me was pretty banged up. I mean literally. After getting over that hump (yes, there are times I still have those humps to get over, lets be real) and experiencing what I have experienced I take joy in my story. I feel joy because what I have been through is what made me the way I am today and I look pretty darn good (all glory to God.)
​Being a Christian is not all about perfection. Jesus came down to earth carrying our weight, ugliness and flaws and died for us. He was the ultimate sacrifice. Personally, I don’t think He was worried about looking all handsome when He was hanging on the cross for my mess. Yes, we rejoice at Who He is but lets not forget to rejoice for what He has done. Lets be real, if He didn’t do what He did we would probably be sitting up in hell somewhere with no choice of eternal life in heaven. The story was not perfect but because of God being a sacrifice for my IMPERFECTIONS the story itself is beautiful.

​Truth be told, I am tired of society’s perception of beauty being based off of no scars, humps or bumps.
There were times that I have spoken with people who apologized for their story being the way it is. Don’t apologize  for what is helping in the process of making you who you are and building you up. Don’t apologize for the opportunity to be resilient.

​God didn’t apologize for His story.

​I’ve learned not to apologize for the struggles I went through, it takes a lot trying to uphold perfection.

​I want you to know that beauty is soul deep. Its that deep, You’re beautiful. To those battling cancer, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. To those downing their appearance, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. To those with physical deformities, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. To those struggling with a mental illness, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Even to those who done so much work to being perfect and feel like they have arrived, as long as you are beautiful on the inside, you are truly beautiful. To my saints in the first pew with the history of prostitution and addictions YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and your story is BEAUTIFUL TO! To my saints near the drums who struggled in life and now does not take anything for granted YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and your story is BEAUTIFUL TO. To my deacons, ministers, pastors and evangelists who know first hand what an overcomer is YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and your story is BEAUTIFUL TO.
​To all my saints YOURE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOUR STORY IS TO! Don’t be ashamed to be transparent and don’t be ashamed to rejoice in the journey you went through! Let us not let the worlds view distort our vision.

​Let me leave this here and Ill catch yall later: (Song of Solomon 4:7) “Thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee.”

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