The “F” Word

​Lets talk about this dreaded term, this “F” bomb.
This word is like a slap in the face, a wake up call, a chance to reevaluate everything.
​This word is actually very empowering. Its a breath of fresh air! Why don’t we all just hold hands and scream it out loud?! (Corny I know.)

Yes, forgiveness is that deep. Yes, that is the “F word” for all you inquisitive minds.

​Have you every questioned why it’s so hard to really forgive but so easy to verbally express that you have forgave? The interesting thing is that the word forgiveness can be so easily thrown around yet so difficult to honestly apply to yourself.
Not forgiving can cause a heap load of emotional, mental and spiritual issues. You may find yourself stressed which can lead to various health concerns; you may find it hard to form relationships or even maintain current relationships; you may even find it hard to trust individuals and even trust God and His plans for you.

We an easily say we forgive but how do you know if you actually have forgave?

When the person comes around do you wish the worse on them? Do you get angry at them and the situation every time you see them? Do you always bring them down and point out the flaws in their personality or how they live their life?  When someone makes mention of their name, are you quick to take the platform and speak about their faults and how they did you wrong? Can you pray for them and not feel a strong sense of hatred or does your prayer favor your negative emotions towards them and the vengeance that you desire? 


Denial is an issue then can set you back a few steps. Denial is the refusal to address the issue and the refusal to accept that the issue has power over your mental, emotional and even your spiritual state. Denying that you have not truly forgave is the wall blocking you from freedom.

Interestingly, we can see that Jesus exemplifies perfectly how to forgive and He speaks about how to not only act out forgiveness but truly forgive.

​Check out the scriptures below:
​1. Matthew 6:14-15-If you forgive God will also forgive you.
After all God forgave you every time you messed up and repented for it. Right?
2.Ephesians 4:26-27- Satan looks for ANY and EVERY avenue to sneak in and cause discord amongst individuals and stir up issues within yourself.
3.James 1: 19-20-Sometimes we listen to respond not to understand.
​How will that get you anywhere? Discuss the issue with them (safely) to resolve it not with the intent to prolong the issue.

Majority of the time we are the root that harbors the poison and as a result we produce bad fruit effecting the environment (relationships, friendships, etc.) around us.

How does an act of forgiveness look like?  Read the following scriptures for an idea:
​1. Colossians 3:12-13
2. Hebrews 12:14
​3. Ephesians 4:32

​This blog post is not an attempt to show you how to LOOK like you forgave but its an attempt to have you think about that one person that you felt has done you wrong and really think to yourself  and question if you really forgave.
​Think about the people that you have wronged, offended or hurt. Maybe you were once in the same boat as the on you despise.
​Maybe they need prayer to see and correct the error of their ways like you did and may still do.
​When you have truly forgave you will know; it will be a burden lifted and a breath of fresh air as well as a moment that your thoughts, emotions and perceptions are cleansed.

​Have you done it?
You know the “F word.”

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