What is Phenomenally CHOSEN.?

Hello beautiful people!

I hope all is well.
I’m back at another blog post, and in this blog I am going to be talking about a movement I founded, Phenomenally CHOSEN.
Phenomenally CHOSEN. was really inspired by the stage name that I chose to run with, “Chosen.”

Originally when I chose “Chosen.” as a stage name, the meaning I carried behind it was the scripture, “many are called but few are chosen” (Matthew 22:14) as well as the scripture “But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light:” (1 Peter 2:9).

I also believe that God knew our story, our decisions, our trials, tribulations and victories way before we were conceived. As Phenomenally CHOSEN. was laid on my heart I couldn’t help but feel the necessary drive to encourage Christians to share their story as well as love themselves. Sometimes its so easy to focus on the now and how God fixed us up now and it can be so easy for us to disregard where we were and how we were when Christ saved us and changed us.

Phenomenally CHOSEN. is a movement encouraging transparency, testimonies, love, hope and joy. Its ultimate goal is to spread the gospel and to glorify God.

At times being in the church I noticed that a lot of conversations are brought up in regards to some things such as: lying, premarital sex, homosexuality, stealing, etc. but (in my case) I rarely hear of conversations around such things as masturbation, suicidal thoughts, self harm, etc.. These are some thing that an individual can be struggling with or have questions about. These can be addictions, these can be their sins.  This movement pushes shame out of the way and embraces hope, revival, transparency, connection and love. This movement will reach a person where they are at drawing them to the love of God.

Phenomenally CHOSEN. is a movement that encourages one to be transparent about what they went through or may be going through, how Christ changed them or how they would like Christ to change them. Everyone has their own story, everyone has a skeleton in their closet of different shapes, sizes, etc.. Phenomenally CHOSEN. is also a movement where one could love themselves and see that Christ made them “beautifully and wonderfully.” When someone wears the Phenomenally CHOSEN. apparel I want them to look in the mirror and believe that their not a statistic, they are beautiful, they are handsome, they are strong, they can  make it, etc.. I want the apparel to have a positive and hopeful unique message for every individual as well as witness to others.

​This movement is also a chance for the unsaved to see that Christians are not perfect and that we have a story and because of where we were and where we are now we can truly say Jesus saves and that we are imperfect but serve a perfect God. Sometimes Christians carry around the label of being “perfect” and if we slip up we are hypocrites (another topic for another day yall.) This movement is for the redeemed that are willing to say so!

​This is a Christian based movement all can partake in and as you can see it covers many avenues but once again its goal is to spread the gospel, witness, glorify God, love God more and love who you are and your testimony. I am praying that by this at least one soul is saved, one soul is delivered and Christ is glorified.

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