Confessions of a Vlogger: Self Esteem


Hello beautiful people and welcome back!

I hope all is well with you and I hope life is treating you with some love 🙂

Today I want to talk about something that I find very important and that is, being yourself.

In all honesty, I feel like this is easier said then done. Its so easy to say “be yourself” but it can be hard to do just that when you walk into a room and your the “odd one out” or you want to feel apart of and you feel that you lack what it takes.

I guess you can say I am somewhat of a new vlogger. For those who know me, knows that YouTube is like my television. I watch many videos on YouTube form DIYs to look books, to vlogs, etc.. YouTube is not only entertaining it is also a useful internet tool.
I am still learning the ropes to vlogging (it really looks easier than it is); finding and deciphering the times to actually vlog, editing the vlog and posting the vlog can all be very tedious. If you want to look cute on camera thats a whole other task to focus on.

I work full time and my job is enjoyable yet it can be draining, I try to make sure that even though I may feel mentally and physically drained I still find energy to spend time with my family and do other things that I enjoy. In all honesty I felt (and still feel at times) that my life is not always that exciting to vlog and when I can vlog I look like I am a hard (very hard) working women (lol)

Many YouTubers I watch seem to be so lively and vibrant. Their makeup is perfectly done and their hair is always on point. Well me? I can be the opposite at times. I do not wear make up everyday and I do not always have the best hairstyles and I do not always feel like being “bubbly” like them.

Do you guys see where I am getting at? 

After sitting myself down and thinking I realized…

Self esteem issues can be a giant kick to the face. 

After some time and some “self” evaluation I concluded that vlogging is what I like to do. If I am tired or I feel as though my life is boring I am still going to vlog! Why am I so hard on myself when all I have to do is be myself?! Make up or no make up I am beautiful, hair done or hair not done I am still beautiful! I have a very interesting yet entertaining personality (in my opinion) and so if I am myself then I shouldn’t have to feel as though I have to force myself to be”bubbly” or “exciting” in my vlogs because I am indeed an exciting person overall.

No I am not being conceited but I am showing you guys that you have to speak life into yourself and don’t wait for others to do it.. You have to be yourself and be the best self you can be. You need to identify the best parts of you rather then focus on and feed the flaws.

Even if you feel like your the “odd one out” or your not as good as the next person, remember, you are different, you have your own fire and you can successfully achieve whatever you put your mind to.

Everyone is different. I like to think of myself as me being the “birthmark to the skin of society.”

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