Young & Saved: Mind. Body. Soul. (Flaws, Faith, & Listening/Trusting God

Welcome back to my blog page.

February is coming to an end; as we all know I was on a mind, body, and soul cleansing. Honestly, it was not easy! Nope not at all but in spite of it all God gave me enough strength to continue on (when I asked for it). It’s just up to me to maintain that strength (I now realize).

This post is going to be a wrap up of this cleansing journey.

So I spoke about friendships and relationships (feel free to check out those blog posts), aside from that God has opened my eyes to some things I need to wash out of myself. Some ways or habits I need to break free from.

I must admit, it can be hard when the mirror is being held to your own face showing your flaws but I am grateful that I am open to see these flaws and to change them.

Within a month I applied to graduate school, was accepted within a couple of weeks, I attended some classes and then made a big decision. Crazy? I know.

For years I have been experiencing a great pull to greatness. Now I know this sounds cliché but in all honesty, for years I have been feeling like there is something more for me elsewhere. My spirit has been pulled and convicted and I’ve had a few dreams. Since this all began and since (I feel like) I haven’t listened to God, I’ve had a bad case of writers block and a bad case of ALOV, “A Loss of Visions” (yes I made that up).

I am the type of person who envisions many things such as book ideas, clothing designs, spoken word performances, places to perform, things to write, etc. It was like all my idea planning and future visions was shut down.

I enjoy doing poetry and writing and I always wanted to venture out more and speak more of my poetry and really experience being in that environment. In spite of experiencing this pull and wanting to follow my passions I always found myself being stressed, worried, and occupied with school, work, bills, and basically my next move here on earth. Yes, all these things are essential but when it comes to a point that you focus on your responsibilities on earth rather then you responsibilities for the Kingdom of God then that’s when the problem arises.

I still want to further my education and I still will (God’s willing) but until God places me somewhere where I feel comfortable and it feels right I am going to further my passion of writing, poetry, and whatever else I envision.

Since my decision to withdraw from graduate school, I have spoken in DC alongside other well-known Christian poets (that I would have never thought I would even mingle with never mind share the same stage), I am working on my book which hopefully will be published this summer, my merchandise, and I am planning to complete a new spoken word video within a month. Also, that bad case of writers block or ALOV is gone and I feel a new breath of fresh air! That fire in me is burning once again.

I am keeping myself busy and happy. I can’t wait to see the outcome of it all.

This journey was interesting and not even two weeks into it there was so many issues popping up but as everything settled I asked myself, “how can I stay spiritually strong” and I asked God for help. What came back to me was, feed your spirit.”

Feeding your spirit is important, reading the Word of God and fasting is essential. It’s funny because this month revealed this to me as clear as day! Wow I would have never thought that this month would be the month that I would really step out onto faith and truly better myself.

God bless and until next time yall!

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