Young & Saved: Mind Body & Soul (Relationships)


Hello beautiful people!
I explained in a past video that relationships are important factors to an individual’s life. It can be a relationship with family, friends, or a boyfriend/girlfriend.
As I explained numerous times I wanted to focus on being Young & Saved; one aspect I wanted to focus on was finding yourself and developing a deeper relationship with Christ through the cleansing of your mind, body and soul.

QUICK UPDATE: It’s been five days into this experience and I must say a lot has already started to happen. My eyes have been opened to characteristics that I need to change or completely eliminate from myself, to the relationships I have with other individuals that I need to work on or end all together,  to doors opening and me learning about the spirit of discernment and actually listening to it.

I did a blog with my boyfriend. We have been together for over a year and honestly I wasn’t even going to bring him up in my blogs or vlogs!
Not because I wanted to be mean or anything but I wanted to separate my “personal” life from what I put out publicly. I do not know if that makes any sense, but to me, at that time it did. I finally decided to let him vlog with me and it was fun I must say!

Relationships are an important factor to an individual’s life; it can bring out the best or the worse in you, you can truly discover yourself, and really experience love (with a spouse).

The way me and my boyfriend met was interesting, it was like a romantic movie in my opinion (that story can be saved for another day) and I must say that that year we have been together we went through a lot. Like every other couple, we argue, we get mad at each other, we laugh, we joke around, we think the same things, and we share a lot of the same visions. Also just like every other couple we encounter the desire to connect with one another physically but as a Christian couple we shun those urges.

I did say I was going to be transparent so here I am. I am ready for the back lash, the awkward stares, the finger pointing and the many questions. This vlog is not to put my business out there but to show anyone or even a couple the behind the scenes of a Christian couple and ultimately help any other Christian couple out there.

There is so much we have to learn about one another and we do not have it all together but the key thing is that we are trying.

In the vlog we spoke a lot about keeping our bodies holy and about setting boundaries.

As Christians we have to understand that our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, where He resides. We should not want to house him in a dirty place filled with hatred, lust, pride, etc. Everyday we should work on cleaning it out and making him comfortable because eventually He will leave. As Christians we have to be mindful what we put into our body such as: what we listen to, what we watch, what we may use to have a good time (drugs, alcohol, etc.) and even food!

On the physical aspect of it, we have to be very mindful of who we decide to lie down with.
Intercourse is not just “sex” its a deep form of intimacy when two spirits connect. Emotions get lost in the other person, time gets lost within them, and energy. You become vulnerable, open and naked (physically and spiritually) to the person without even realizing it!

Being young and in a relationship, these temptations can arise and it’s up to you two to set boundaries. At times these can be hard because of the simple fact that you want to spend time with the person without ALWAYS being around other people or maybe you guys are affectionate. When it comes to this point I believe it is wise to listen to your spiritual leaders if they are giving you good advice and is led by the Sprit; take heed to what they are saying. I also believe that you guys have to work with what works for you.
I agree that spending a lot of alone time can set the mood for some steamy stuff to happen, I also agree that you need to first be aware of what you can or cannot handle.  You need to know what your tolerance level is.

For example it’s like when you drink, some individuals are light weights and some individuals can drink all day and night and still be able to function. When it comes to being alone with your boyfriend/girlfriend or being affectionate you need to know your tolerance level is. Some couples can hold hands, lay on one another, share a kiss and watch a movies alone and be “ay okay.” On the other hand, some couples may not be as strong when it comes to being alone or being affectionate. Setting boundaries in the beginning of a relationship is important; if you happen to fall, get back up again and keep trying with those same boundaries set or altered to avoid any other mess ups.

It’s hard to set boundaries with someone who does not see eye to eye with you. That is why scripture tells you not to be unequally yoked.

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” 2 Corinthians 6:14

Its already bad enough arguments arise in your relationship so to have conflict about the difference in your spiritual walk is the extra log to the fire.
Lets be honest, if you’re in a relationship and you both do not agree with essential factors in a relationship (the most important living a holy life to the best of your ability) the relationship will not go smoothly.
Thank God, the person I am with is a Christian. One day it came to me that me and him should do a 3 day fast from each other. As soon as I brought it to his attention he knew exactly why without me having to explain it to him or tell him! We were on the same page!

At times the idea of a relationship can become an idol. Even if you are in a relationship your boyfriend/girlfriend can become your idol. Without knowing it you’re spending so much time wrapped up in them that you forget the One who allowed you to experience a relationship. Without knowing it their needs and desires become you priority to fix but the desire that Christ has to build and/or maintain a relationship with you goes unnoticed.

No, a relationship is not necessarily tricky but being in a Christian relationship we have to understand that we are in the world but not of it. That scripture does not only apply to you as an individual but to you two as a couple. Just because the world promotes a relationship contrary to the Word of God, it does not mean you have to hop on the band wagon.

I also encourage you both to pray and fast with one another, together and apart, so when you come together you will be spiritually strong. The relationship should represent Christ and glorify Him.

I hope any Christian couple can benefit from this, young or old.

Sometimes being young, in a relationship and finding that balance and those boundaries can be tricky. We see how other relationships thrive without Christ being the centered and sometimes it can be a bit challenging having “fun” but not going against the Word of God.

In all actuality being in a relationship is a journey. I encourage you to remain strong and pray one for the other.

Check out my video on my YouTube channel and let me know what you think or whatever else you want me to discuss!
On my video you will also be able to hear from my boyfriend and see his “crazy” self (lol).

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God Bless!

Scriptures we read:

Romans 12:1

1 Corinthians 6:13-20

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